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Daniel D'Adamo is a composer, born in Argentina in 1966, working and living in France since 1991.

He studied composition in Buenos Aires and in the Conservatoire of Lyon (CNSM) with Philippe Manoury. He also attended the Cursus in composition at the IRCAM, studying composition and computer music with Tristan Murail and following master classes with Brian Ferneyhough.

Daniel D'Adamo has been awarded several prices in composition as the Prix Boucourechliev, the Prix Sacem-Salabert, the Prix Grame-EOC and particularly, the Prix de Rome, being "pensionnaire" at the Villa Medici - Academy of France in Rome during two years.

Daniel D'Adamo’s works are performed around the world, he regularly receives commissions for soloists, ensembles and orchestras from different festivals and musical institutions.

The music of Daniel D’Adamo develops particular relationships between musical figures and forms ; pieces like Voices, d’Ombra I and II, Frontières-Alliages, Breath, Coeli et Terrae, Lames, Abschluß, Nuits-Cassation, are some exemples. He frequently explores the spacialisation of sound as a particular parameter of musical composition, as in Lips your Lips, Cerclé, Die runde Zahl, Landness, Pholia, Keep your Furies, Air lié, etc. He also composes electroacustic pieces, and works mixing electroacustic sounds and acoustical instruments (The Lips Cycle, Traum Entelechiae, A Faraday cage), as well as works for the visual arts (Galileo).

Daniel D'Adamo taught music analysis in the Conservatory of Paris (CNSM) and of Tours. He taught music composition in the conservatory of Reims and is actually Professor of Composition at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin and the Music Conservatory of Strasbourg (France). He regularly teaches composition during composition workshops and seminars, such as Royaumont - Voix Nouvelles, University of Canterbury - International Composers Pyramid, CNSM of Paris, CNSM of Lyon, University of Burgundy, etc. n september 2017 he is the artistic director of the Philippe Manoury - Musica Festival Composition Academy.
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Villa Medicis - French Academy in Rome - composer in residency - 1998 - 2000.

André Boucourechliev - composition Prize - 2009

Sacem “Prix de Printemps” - Francis and Mica Salabert - composition prize - 2009

Grame - Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain of Lyon, France - composition prize - 1996
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