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The composition class of the Music Conservatory in Reims has been opened in 2008.

The class is organized through individual and group lessons that take place every week.

Master classes of composition and of advanced instrumental techniques with well known composers and specialized musicians take place during the year.

An ensemble in residency is associated to the composition class, what gives the students the possibility of having their pieces being professionally performed. During 2009-2011 the ensemble in residence is L’Instant Donné. A strong relationship with the chamber music, the instrumental and the conducting classes of the Conservatory also gives the students the chance to listen to their pieces.

The composition class is also structured through a strong partnership with two important educational and musical institutions of the city of Reims : the Department of Musicology of the University of Champagne-Ardennes and Césaré, National Center for music creation and production. With these two partners, the Reims Music Conservatory has developped a “Licence en Composition Musicale” and a project of a Master diploma is actually being studied.

The partnership with Césaré (CNCM) also permits to advanced students to develop specific projects using electronics and/or computer music in the studios of Césaré.
<= For all détails on the “Licence en Composition” of the Reims University and Music Conservatory, session 2011-2012